List of public deliverables, papers, documents, and datasets

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Vision and scenarios


WP1 - Management

D1.1 - IPR Strategic Plan

Reporting period 1

D1.2 - The Romi Rover - Project Management

Reporting period 2

WP2 - Robot for weeding and detailed crop monitoring

WP3 - Drone for aerial crop monitoring

WP4 - Adaptive learning for the coordinated control of sensors and actuators

The goal of the work in WP4 system is to improve the 3D reconstruction of the plants by generating robot movements that optimise the information obtained by the camera sensors.

D4.1 - Report on the experimental set-up of the adaptive learning system

Reporting period 1

D4.2 Intermediate report on the theoretical advances and the experimental results of the adaptive learning system

Reporting period 2

WP5 - Advanced sensing and analysis of crops

D5.1 - Demonstration of a 3d image segmentation application for weeding

Reporting period 1

WP6 - Plant modelling

The ROMI project develops a toolbox for plant scanning and analysis that combines different approaches. In WP6 we develop an approach that is heavily based on plant models. These models are used as a support for the data analysis and plant segmentation but also as a source for synthetic images used to train neural networks.

D6.1 - Simplified model of Arabidopsis thaliana

Reporting period 1

D6.3 - Results of trained models

Reporting period 2

WP7 - Data acquisition and real-world application testing

D7.1 - Description of the experimental set-up of the outdoor field studies

Reporting period 1

WP8 - Dissemination and exploitation

D8.1 - Data Management Plan

Reporting period 1


D9.1 - POPD - Requirement No. 1

Reporting period 1


Segmentation dataset

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