• The Plant Imager

    The ROMI Imager performs a full 3D analysis of plants. It combines an imaging station that uses an RGB camera with a powerful image processing pipeline, to build a 3D representation of plants. The plant's constituent organs are detected and this detailed spatial data is available for further analysis.

  • The Farmer's Dashboard

    The Farmer's Dashboard and its associated device, the Cablebot, is our primary tool for crop monitoring. With the help of an aerial imaging device, images of the crop are collected and analysed to give the farmer an overview of the status of the crops and also of individual plants.

  • The Rover for Weeding

    We designed the ROMI Rover as a farming tool to assist vegetable farmers in maintaining vegetable beds free of weeds. It does this by regularly hoeing the surface of the soil and thus preventing small weeds from taking root. It can do this task mostly autonomously and requires only minor changes to the organization of the farm.